At Chinlink we are integrating our global resources to build an ecosystem capable of delivering comprehensive financial services and innovation solutions to fast-growing companies across China.



Chinlink International Holdings Limited (‘Chinlink’) is an integrated financial services and innovation solutions group, driving support for our clients at each stage of their development, from startups to growth companies, through to established businesses.

Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0997), Chinlink leverages Hong Kong’s advantage as a thriving financial hub to extend its business across China and overseas, and integrate its global network of innovation partners, to build a financial ecosystem with China depth, and global scope.


We are building an ecosystem with China depth and global scope.

With our international reach, we are able to integrate strategic resources from across the globe. We also maintain close working relationships with many local municipal authorities and government bodies in China. First launched in Xi’an, where Chinlink has deep roots, our integrated financial services ecosystem is comprised of collaborations with educational and research institutions, connections with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and associations with international financial partners.