Chinlink Announced Positive Profit Alert
2 Nov 2015
Chinlink Focuses on Development of Finance Lease Business Being Invited as a Guest Speaker of Shaanxi Hong Kong Finance Lease Service Cooperation Conference Exploiting Business Opportunities in Hong Kong and China
20 Oct 2015
Chinlink Develops the Only Hanzhong Base National Qinba Chinese Herbal Medicine Trading Base with Hanzhong Government in Chinlink · Worldport Exploring Finance Business Opportunities as well as Promoting Hanzhong′s Local Culture
19 Oct 2015
Chinlink . Mid Autumn Caring Campaign Passing Love and Care to Elders Living alone
20 Sep 2015
Chinlink Sponsors Dialogue Experience · Embracing Differences Campaign Experience the Dark Tour and Facilitate Mutual Respect with Inclusion
22 Aug 2015
CHINLINK Sponsored “Silk Road Youth Leadership Programme 2015-2016” Jointly Organized by Peking University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Xi′an Jiaotong University to Nurture All-rounded Youth Leaders of Tomorrow March through One Belt One Road by Hong Kong and Mainland Students
26 Jul 2015
Announces 2014/15 Annual Results Diversify into Internet Finance and E-Commerce Create Synergies with Existing Financial Logistics Business
26 Jun 2015
Chinlink has Entered into a MOU with KTPCL and Sinolink Jointly Develop Cross-Border E-Commerce Business To Anticipate the Huge Demand for Overseas Affordable Luxuries in the PRC
17 Jun 2015
Chinlink‧Credit Finance Strategic Investment and Cooperation Signing Ceremony and Cross-Sectional Summit on “Internet+” Chinlink Jointly Developed Internet Finance Business With China Renowned P2P Enterprise
9 Jun 2015
Chinlink has Entered into a Letter of Investment Intent with Credit Finance Investing in a P2P Platform as a First Move into the Internet Finance Market
5 Jun 2015
Chinklink Entitled to Carry out Finance Lease Business in the PRC Further Diversifying Our Financing Solutions
27 May 2015
Chinlink Launched “Bake to Feed” Voluntary Activity Support Community with Enthusiastic Actions
18 May 2015
Chinlink Has Been Awarded the "Caring Company" Logo Actively Fulfilling Social Responsibility with the Spirit of Corporate Citizenship
2 Apr 2015
Chinlink Acquired Xi′an Property Development and Management Company at a Total Consideration of HK$800 Million Accelerating the Expansion of Logistics and Financial Guarantee Business
18 Feb 2015
Chinlink Steps into E-Commerce Business Successfully Introduced Strategic Partners in Developing the iHome E-Commerce Platform
6 Feb 2015
Chinlink Wins WGO′s Green Office 1+ and Eco-Healthy Workplace Labels for its Construction of Green and Healthy Working Environment
20 Nov 2017
Chinlink and MCM Complete a Joint Venture A win-win Cooperation to Expand their Footprint in Both China and Internationally
6 Nov 2017
“Chinlink . Mid-Autumn Caring Campaign” Share Love and Care to the Singleton Elderlies across Generations
24 Sep 2017
Chinlink Awarded the “Capital 7th Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” Sustainably Contributing the Environment and Society
15 Jun 2017
Chinlink Forms JV with MCM Group by Acquiring Majority Stake to Create a Dynamic Investment and Asset Management Group Bridging the Needs and Opportunities of PRC Shaanxi Province and International Capital Markets and Investors
13 Jun 2017
“One Belt, One Road” Roadshow of China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shaanxi Hong Kong Financial Cooperation Exchange Successfully Held Assembled Financial Experts from the Two Regions and Grasped New Opportunities Arisen
26 Apr 2017
Chinlink Awarded the “Caring Company” Logo for Three Consecutive Years  Aggregating Staff′s Effort to Contribute the Society
10 Mar 2017
Hanzhong Government of Shaanxi Province will Inject RMB100 Million into Chinlink Financial Guarantee Company  State-owned Capital Further Strengthens Capital Base
1 Mar 2017
Chinlink Participated in the Voluntary Activity “Cookery for ALL!”  Creating an Inclusive Community for Students with Moderate Intellectual Disability
17 Feb 2017