Chinlink believes innovation is achieved through collaboration. As part of our ecosystem, we have built long-term partnerships in China and abroad, with diverse research institutions and universities who we see as key to generating technology transfer and innovation, retaining professional and highly educated talent, and nurturing a culture of startup incubation and entrepreneurship.

As a resource integrator, we work closely with provincial and municipal governments throughout China, sharing the benefits of our ecosystem, informing policy and providing financial assistance where appropriate.


Chinlink is positioned to offer financial services to businesses at every stage of their growth trajectory. From seed funding and startup venture investment, through mid-growth financing such as financial guarantee, finance lease, factoring and supply chain finance, to pre-IPO financing, corporate advisory and cross border investment, there is an arm of our Group that can facilitate.

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of financial services has provided us with unrivalled perspective into the unique demands of growing companies and where their opportunities and limitations may lie.



China’s economic transformation is shifting from high-speed growth to high-quality, eco-conscious and sustainable development. We are witnessing how technology and disruptive business models are resulting in new enterprises with challenging and diverse needs.

With our international reach, we are able to integrate strategic resources from across the globe. We also maintain close working relationships with many local municipal authorities and government bodies in China. First launched in Xi’an, where Chinlink has deep roots, our integrated financial services ecosystem is comprised of collaborations with educational and research institutions, connections with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and associations with international financial partners.

By employing capital as a key driver for innovation and entrepreneurship, we empower the transformation of core industries and the long-term, sustainable growth of the local economy.


Our vision is to build an innovation and finance ecosystem that seamlessly integrates resources such as international capital, academic and scientific research institutions, and startup incubation.

Diverse collaborations throughout the ecosystem enable each stakeholder to play their role and reap the benefits as an integral part of our interconnected network. This will result in an upgraded business environment, ever more capable of launching future world-class business champions.