alternative finance

Our years of experience of working with Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are typically underserved by traditional banking, enables us to manage risk and offer customised alternative financial solutions to SMEs designed to maximise their operating efficiency.

Thanks to the advantages of being a company rooted in Shaanxi Province and the Greater Xi’an area, a region designated for growth and benefitting from favourable trade and financial policies, we are achieving remarkable results in the Chinese alternative financing market. We have received equity investment into our alternative financing businesses from state-owned enterprises.

As the region grows in line with national development programs, including China’s Western Development Strategy, Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of the Xi’an International Metropolis, these policies will not only foster the development of the local economy, but also create tremendous financing and capital demands.

Through our experience of operating in the region, we have a deep understanding of the market and nuanced appreciation of the appropriate risk management measures. We are best placed to solve the financing challenges faced by SMEs and help develop a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

Firmly established as a leading alternative finance provider in Shaanxi Province, Chinlink is licensed to provide financial guarantee, finance lease, and factoring services to China’s SMEs and has received equity investment from state-owned enterprises.


MCM, Chinlink’s subsidiary, is a financial services boutique providing high-end investment and merchant banking services. Through MCM we are able to offer these international investment advisory and merchant bankingservices alongside our alternative financing solutions.