Chinlink . Mid Autumn Caring Campaign Passing Love and Care to Elders Living alone
20 Sep 2015

Chinlink International Holdings Limited (“Chinlink") and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group") has been actively encouraging its employees to participate in voluntary services, bringing warmth to all walks of life in the society. Chinlink Corporate Volunteer Service Team acted upon the call by participating in “Chinlink . Mid-Autumn Caring Campaign", Visit to Elders Living alone (the “Event"), organised by Jockey Club Yau Tong Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre, The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong (the “Centre") and sponsored by Chinlink, to deliver love and care to the elders living alone, whilst passing on the virtue of performing voluntary services.

The Event was successfully held in the morning of 20 September 2015. A total of approximately 100 participants, including the members of Chinlink Corporate Volunteer Service Team, youngsters and parent-child volunteers from the Centre, were participated in the Event. The volunteers gathered at the Centre for a preliminary training on attentions during the visits. After that, they divided into small groups and walked to the elders' home located in Yau Lai Estate and Yau Tong Estate of Yau Tong, with “Chinlink . Mid-Autumn Gift Pack" presented. The elderly were delighted to have guests visit and engaged in deep conversation with the volunteers.

After the visit, all volunteers expressed that they had benefited immensely from the Event. A volunteer indicated that he was deeply impressed by a smile of the elderly, and felt warm in this Mid-Autumn Festival, although the visiting time was short. Another volunteer pointed out that the elders living alone made his mind of his own elder family members, urging him to treasure the time with his family more thereafter.

To implement corporate social responsibility, the Group encourages our employees to participate in community visits and social activities, and care the deprived groups in the society. The Group wishes youngsters reach and care about elders living alone through this heart-warming Mid-Autumn Event, in order to facilitate communication and mutual-respect across generations. To uplift the young generations the conscience of respecting and protecting the elderly is also an objective of the Event, in order to preserve traditional virtues and maintain a harmonious society.