Chinlink Sponsors Dialogue Experience . Embracing Differences Campaign Experience the Dark Tour and Facilitate Mutual Respect with Inclusion
22 Aug 2015

Chinlink International Holdings Limited (“Chinlink) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group") has been showing care and support to the community by organising different activities for the ones in need in the society. Chinlink has sponsored the Dialogue Experience. Embracing Differences Campaign organised by DID HK Limited. On 15 and 22 August 2015, this sponsorship has granted a total number of 200 beneficiaries, including children from low income families, South Asian students, cancer patients and their families, to participate in the Dark Tour in Dialogue in the Dark Experiential Exhibition in Mei Foo. The Group hopes that, through this special tour experience, the participants can better understand the needs of all walks of life in society, respect differences and contribute to the harmony of society.

The beneficiaries of this event mainly come from 10 secondary schools / organizations. Participants were first divided into groups and warmed up with Braille activities. After that, the Dark Tour officially commenced when the participants entered a pitch-black environment under the lead of visually impaired guides who were professionally trained. The participants could only feel the surrounding with the four sense organs including hands, ears, mouth, and nose other than eyes, and to complete a series of games with a walking cane. This enabled the participants to experience the difficulties blind people encounter in daily life. After the Dark Tour, the visually impaired guides and participants got the chance to share their personal experiences and everyday trivia under the light. Participants could also further communicate and exchange thoughts with visually impaired guides in this sharing session.

Participants all found the tour really exciting and meaningful. During the Dark Tour, they all behaved cautiously, walking with one another hand in hand. They were even scared when they encountered things that they could not identify. Nevertheless, since the visually impaired guides are well familiar with the pitch-black world, they successfully guided the participants to finish the tour in the dark. Being all really impressed, the participants realised that they shared never take good health for granted. This made them to learn to treasure everything they have in life.

Specifically sponsoring the needy in different minorities groups, including children from low income families, South Asian students and cancer patients, the Group wishes to encourage them to appreciate the world from another perspective. We hope to help them build up self-confidence by guiding them to face their challenges optimistically and courageously. At the same time, through this event, the Group wishes to raise the public's awareness and empathy towards these minorities, so as to promote harmonious and multi-development in society.