Sponsored Plateau Bluebells Dance Performance by The Hong Kong Dance Company
24 Nov 2012
Sponsored by Chinlink International Holdings Limited “Plateau Bluebells 《藍花花》", a contemporary dance drama by the renowned Hong Kong Dance Company, completed a successful performance on 24 November 2012 evening. Notable guests included representatives from the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong (中央人民政府駐香港特別行政區聯絡辦公室) and friends from the finance and cultural sectors. The Company has also reserved approximately 700 seats for various non-profit organisations and primary and secondary schools, with the initiative to promote the cultural and artistic experience of Shaanxi to a diverse background of people.

“Plateau Bluebells 《藍花花》" is a romantic love story inspired by folklore from the famous Northern Shaanxi (Shaanbei) Loess Plateau. Fusing traditional folk dance with modern dance aesthetics, the Hong Kong Dance Company has effortlessly translated the poignant story to the audience through visual and musical elements.