Positioning and Competitive Advantage


The Group is building a unique finance-ecosystem for an extensive customer base of SMEs through its multi-licensed financial services platform in China and Hong Kong and through the development of large-scale logistics parks, trade and wholesale centres, and shopping malls in the fast-growing city of Xi'an and nearby regional cities.

Competitive Advantage

1. Regional and National Positioning Strategy
Our presence in Shaanxi Province provides us strategic proximity to markets that are supported by many preferential developmental policies such as China's Western Development Strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

2. Integrated Financial Services
We are a diversified financial services business offering financing solutions to SMEs in China that have difficulties obtaining financing from traditional banking sources.

3. Unique Finance-Ecosystem Business Model
With our unique finance-ecosystem business model we are able to maximise value from our large-scale logistics parks, trade and wholesale centres, and shopping malls. Our access to data, including business trade flows, product flows, information flows and capital flows, at different stages of the supply chain, allows us to fully understand the business environment and needs of our customers and allows us to provide tailor-made, one-stop services to maintain our long-term customer relationships.

4. Professional Excellence in Management
Our professional team of Executives all have extensive experience in finance and financing-related industries.

5. Stringent Risk Management
The logistics services we offer allow us to monitor customers' operations and the value of collateralised inventory, thus minimising credit risk.




Business Overview

Domestic Chinese SMEs often face difficulties in gaining access to credit due to their small-scale, insufficient financial information or incomplete credit records, amongst other reasons. To fill this financing gap left by more traditional banks, Chinlink has created a unique “finance-ecosystem" to provide financing to SMEs.

The Group's property development, ownership and operation of large-scale logistics parks, trade and wholesale centres, and shopping malls has attracted a large number of tenants from different industries; thus creating an extensive customer base around which to establish the Group's unique finance-ecosystem. At the same time the Group provides more traditional property management services including information-based logistics warehousing and distribution.

In SMEs' business operations, financial support and services are always required, from the procurement of goods, through to inventory management and sales. The various financial-licences held by the Group, allows SMEs within our finance-ecosystem to benefit from professional financial services such as financing guarantees, finance leasing, and supply chain finance services to address their capital needs in their daily business operations.

As the Group maintains logistics warehousing and distribution services supplementary to its financial services, it is able to use the vast collection of operating data to better understand the business environment, and the flow of capital and source of repayments, allowing for superior risk management. For SMEs', the Group's data collection can negate the need for credit ratings, monitoring of cash flows supplements insufficient financial records, and the use of inventory as collateral, allows for tailor-made financing solutions that enhance customers' operating efficiency along the entire supply chain.

This finance-ecosystem business model provides the Group with diversified sources of income including income from property sales and rental, and income from financial and logistics services. Through this range of services the Group is able to fully meet our customer's needs whilst maintaining and building long-term customer relationships, and continuously promoting the development of the Group's business.



Chinlink provides comprehensive financial services to SMEs including; investment bank, financing guarantees, finance leasing and supply chain financing, aimed at delivering direct and indirect solutions to financing problems, thereby enhancing our customers’ overall operating efficiency.

Subsidiary companies include:
Chinlink Finance Lease Company Limited
Chinlink Tian Hui Company Limited
MCM Holdings
Shaanxi Chinlink Financial Guarantee Limited



The Group provides fully integrated and optimised supply chain management services centred on our management of information, allowing our customers to focus on the development of their core business and improving efficiency and profitability.

Subsidiary companies include:
Chinlink Supply Chain Services (Shaanxi) Company Limited



From time to time the Group makes investments in attractive property assets in order to promote business synergies with our existing financial and logistics services platforms. These investments not only bring stable income but add to the value of the Group’s asset base whilst allowing us to leverage the benefits of resource sharing, and to further build and strengthen the Group's competitive advantage so that our stakeholders can enjoy long-term profitability and stability.

The Group's projects include:
Chinlink International Centre (CIC) (Construction in progress)
Chinlink · Worldport Integrated Logistics Park
Daminggong Construction Materials and Furniture Shopping Centre
 (Dongsanhuan Branch)