Chinlink provides comprehensive financial services to SMEs including; investment bank, financing guarantees, finance leasing and supply chain financing, aimed at delivering direct and indirect solutions to financing problems, thereby enhancing our customers' overall operating efficiency.
The Group provides fully integrated and optimised supply chain management services centered on our management of information, allowing our customers to focus on the development of their core business and improving efficiency and profitability.
From time to time the Group makes investments in attractive property assets in order to promote business synergies with our existing financial and logistics services platforms. These investments not only bring stable income but add to the value of the Group's asset base whilst allowing us to leverage the benefits of resource sharing, and to further build and strengthen the Group's competitive advantage so that our stakeholders can enjoy long-term profitability and stability.

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Chinlink International Holdings Limited is a listed company on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0997). Chinlink provides financial services such as investment bank, financing guarantee, finance leasing and supply chain financing to China and Hong Kong enterprises. The Company also invests and operates large-scale trade logistics park, warehouses, wholesale retail shopping mall and commercial buildings.

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